Hi, my name is Alon Shabo, and I am a Zionist

I do not identify with being “religious” or “nationalist”

Yet I feel the call to protect and preserve my Jewish identity and values (for myself and future generations) deep in my DNA…

I’m not sure when Zionism became something of a dirty word, but the truth is that…

Zionism is a real life example of what happens when humans from all walks of life get together and collaborate towards a shared vision of a better future.

It represents the distinctively human traits of self determination and the preservation of an oppressed people.

The ability to achieve the unimaginable through creativity, will-power, collaboration, and chutzpah…

Zionism represents freedom, the rejection of the status quo, and the ability to use the power of the mind to change history and alter the trajectory of the future.

Zionism is the duty of all Jews who understand the history and plight of our people, and recognize that each and every one of us is playing an active role in shaping the future of our people…

And while it was my intention to build something here that stressed the importance of this message, and helped unite our fragmented people (in a non-religious and non-nationalist way)….

Life has taken me in a different direction (for now)

I’m looking to either sell this domain or donate it to an organization that can fulfill the potential of my vision for this domain.

Get in touch:

contact @zionism.com